It’s time the retail super funds started looking after their members

Are you being ripped off?

Is your superannuation with one of the big bank retail super funds?

We are talking about Commonwealth Bank, AMP, MLC, Colonial, IOOF or BT – to name just a few.

The Royal Commission into banking has revealed you might be getting ripped off.

Super funds are supposed to act in your best interest but the Royal Commission has made it clear that they often succumb to the temptation to look after themselves before you.

Example after example have shown they are taking your money through fees and charges on your account and wrongfully paying out your money as trail commissions.

Its unacceptable and needs to stop.

You may just be able to get some of your money back with our help.

We are currently working with lawyers and litigation funders to investigate a number of potential class actions against the retail super funds to get you back the money that is rightfully yours.

Some of the potential claims include

Fees for no service

– Charging you fees for services you never got and/or never asked for or using your money to pay trail commissions to advisers when they didn’t have to and knew the advisers were doing nothing in return.

High fees for not much

– Still charging you high fees when all or most of your money is invested in cash and just sitting in the bank.

Benefits to related bank entities

– Putting your money with the parent entity bank on much reduced interest rates compared to what is available elsewhere.

There is strength in numbers

The Super funds know that individually you probably won’t do much about it but there is strength in numbers. We need as many people as possible to participate in relevant claims against their super fund (or possibly even former super fund).

Zero obligation

There is zero obligation and it costs you nothing – we are reaching out to everyone simply because it doesn’t work unless everyone bands together (and the Super funds know it!).

Frequently Asked Questions

We are a group of like-minded people that have been outraged at the way the retail super funds have treated their members and want to see something done about it. We have teamed up with a great legal team and we have secured backing from Ironbark Funding, to make it all happen. For information about Ironbark Funding please see ironbark’s website at:

Simply put, this is a Court case where an entire class of people bring a claim that they probably wouldn’t bring by themselves. It allows justice to be done for the group when it otherwise might not.

Nothing.  Registering your interest costs nothing and even if you decide to get involved in a class action against a super fund, the costs of that process are covered by Ironbark Funding who has agreed to pay for all the costs of any claim so you aren’t out of pocket. Instead, you get to share in any settlement amount that is recovered from the super trustee on your behalf.

We are investigating a number of claims. If you are potentially a party to one of those claims, we will be in touch in due course to invite you to participate. Either way, we will keep everyone updated with any relevant information.

Your information will only be used in connection with potential claims against the super funds which might include giving that information to the lawyers running the claim or Ironbark Funding, the litigation funder that is paying for everything. Apart from that, it won’t be disclosed to anyone.

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It’s time the retail super funds started looking after their members.